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Purple - App for Couple

開発者 Changs Studio

Are you in a fling? Then use purple If your a new couple needing a plce to store memotires, use purpleAre you used to each other? With too many memories to remeber? use purple.A new habbit for couples. Purple for couple
♥ Special functions unique in Purple!▶ Guaranteed privacy for couples!Even between couples theree amny rules to obey and secrets to keep.Purple protects the privacy of couples!In Purple you cant take screenshot of services such as pcitures and chatting!You cant download pictures/videos without approval from user coupled with you!sharing of course isnt allowed either물론, 공유하기도 되지 않습니다!
▶ Status notice“What is my partner doing?"" You no longer need to wonder about the number 1 not disappearing next to message.You can now know what your partner is doing real-time with status message such as in meeting, sleeping^^
♥ ChattingHonest conversation between two. You no longer need to search for chat with your partner among many lists.Purple provides exclusive chatting space for couples, and its special!
▶ Secret chattingAfter certain time passes, the chat log between you and your partner is all erased. Feel free to share intimate, frank,or naughty messages in secret chat..
▶ Sepcial couple Share your special feelings with diverse couple emoticons.다양한 Purple provides unique couple emoticons, handwritten calligraph free of charge

♡ D-DayAll about my love life, Purple D-DayKeep track of your partners birthday, anniversaries, and even your childs birthday in long future. Purple will remeber them for you. Just put in the dates once on Purple D-Day and be able to manage your anniveraries for long time.
♡ DiaryGifts you shared in early days, travels you had with your partner, cherish and share these precious memories in Purple diary.
♡ GalleryView all pictures and videos in Purple gallery.
Support mail : exp.purple@gmail.comWe appreciate your valued feedbacks.